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Important Policies

  • All swimmers that are new to our program will be required to perform a Swim Test at the beginning of the season. This includes a 25 yard swim (one lap of the pool) without assistance from the lane ropes or the coaches. They must swim on the surface of the water (no diving under). There will be a coach accompanying them throughout the entire lap to ensure the safety of the swimmer. Each swimmer will have multiple attempts, and we will provide "practice runs" to get comfortable with the pool. This test must be completed by the end of the first week of practice. Failure to complete the test will result in a 100% registration refund.
  • Each swimmer is expected to attend morning practice regularly. Summer morning practices are a progression that begins with basic stroke form and continues with skills, speed, endurance, etc. We also expect each swimmer to compete in all meets they can attend. Swimming is a team sport, and we need participation from all swimmers to do well in meets. It is the responsibility of the swimmer and his/her parent to notify the head coach whenever they will not be attending swim meets.
  • In order to have successful swim meets, we need at least one parent from each family to volunteer for at least one swim meet. Volunteer jobs include first/second half timers & other positions. A brief description of each job is available in the job sign-up.
  • There are no lifeguards available during swim practice. Only swimmers will be allowed in the pool during their respective practice times. The baby/shallow pool is CLOSED to everyone. 
  • Our coaches have been trained to scan the waters at all time for the safety of all swimmers. The coaches can not be responsible for the younger siblings/family members roaming the pool gates. Please ensure there is a parent attending practice to keep an eye on your children both in and out of the water

Weather Policy

Practice: During the event of inclement weather, we will not allow anyone to enter the water until 30 minutes after the last lightning is seen or the last thunder is heard. Safety is our priority, and we will cancel practice if the weather is unfavorable. Practice may also be put on hold if it is raining so hard that the bottom of the pool is not seen and will continue as soon as the rain lightens. Practice may not be canceled unless a head coach is present at the pool when the last lightning is seen or the last thunder is heard.

Swim Meets: The same policy above will be implemented for swim meets. It will be up to the coaches of each respective team to agree on how long we will try to wait out a storm to continue the meet. Should the forecast/radar show no signs of relief, we will cancel the meet and perhaps postpone it for a later date.

Chemical Policy

The coaches check the pool chemicals before every practice. We measure both the Chlorine and the pH levels. Although Jambalaya Park Pool has been excellent at maintaining proper chemical levels, practice may be delayed or cancelled if there is an improper Chlorine concentration or pH of the pool.

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